During this In-Depth episode, Spencer and Adam chat about how he started Catalyst, his first gospel encounters, and Adams advice to his younger self. 

Adam is the pioneer and visionary leader of Catalyst Ministries, a training and global outreach mission for the next generation. With the heart of a father and the voice of a prophet, Adam is a unique messenger of the Lord and ministers regularly in churches, ministry schools and conferences around the world.  Often training in areas of Freedom, Power Evangelism and Hearing God's Voice, Adam is committed to seeing the Holy Spirit restore hearts and revive churches with New Testament life, a work which he believes is critical for preparing God's people for the most glorious invasion of Heaven on Earth.  Adam and his wife, Jenny are based in Franklin, TN with their daughters, Nina and Elli as well as their sons, Gabriel and Leo. 

Adam's Website: http://www.adamnarciso.com/
Catalyst's Website: http://catalystschool.com/